Build the 1st Masjid in Wesley Chapel, Florida!

Donate to Finish Masjid Construction!


Construction is Happening Now and Must Finish!

Our Community Has


 Please Help Us Build Masjid an-Noor!

Wesley Chapel is one of the fastest growing cities in Florida, USA with a growing Muslim community - but we have no Masjid!

Alhamdulillah we have purchased 2 properties and need your help to finish Masjid construction.

Donate now so your brothers and sisters can have a place to pray!

Florida Approval:

Masjid an-Noor Has Been Approved To Build:
  • Men's prayer area
  • ​Women’s prayer area
  • ​Mother's and Children's prayer areas 
  • Quran memorization areas
  • ​Wudu Areas

Construction Progress:

Construction Images:

Worldwide Support for the Project

"Wesley Chapel has no Masjid. Alhamdulillah the community is working hard for this project - let's support them to complete building the 1st Masjid in Wesley Chapel!"
Shaykh Zakir Choudhury
FKAD Institute Instructor
New York City, USA
"Statistics show that there is a likelihood of greater misunderstandings with non-Muslims for communities that do not have a Masjid. This is why we need to build this Masjid!"
Shaykh Navaid Aziz
World Renowned Leader
Al Maghrib Institute
"I would like to invite you to a great project in the Wesley Chapel area. There is no Masjid there and your support is needed. Invest in it and you will get rewarded in this life and the next!"
Shaykh Hassan Sultan
The Muslim Connection
Tampa, Florida
"The brothers and sisters have invested in spaces that they need to finish. I ask Allah to bless you to donate and finish this project for Allah subhanaanahu wa ta'ala!"
Shaykh Alaa Atia
Florida Based Community Leader

We've Worked With:

Your HUGE Rewards

By donating to build the 1st Masjid right now, you get the rewards of:

  • House in Jannah for building the 1st Masjid
  • Love from Allah for following the Prophet's ﷺ example
  • 10 good deeds for each letter of the Quran recited
  • ​​Producing Hufadh (Memorizers of Quran) to preserve Islam for the next generation
  • Getting more income for doing business with Allah
  • Help from Allah for helping your brothers and sisters in need
  • Every prayer performed until the day of judgment
Help us finish construction for the 1st Masjid - Donate Now!

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